Solar Shades: Fabric Choice & Functionality



In our last blog post, we briefly touched on solar shade fabrics and openness factors, exploring a bit of the functionality of solar shades and the benefits they provide. Today, we’ll look at a few more things to consider when choosing fabrics for your solar shades.


Let's Be Open About Solar Shades


solar shades with differing openness


An important consideration when selecting manual or motorized solar shades for your home is the openness of a shade’s fabric. The optimal shade openness for your space will depend on what you’re looking for, whether it’s privacy, maintaining a view to the outside, or both.


Same Space, New Light:
Our Experience Center Renovation

man painting wall green on ladder

The reworking of our space began during my job interview in February 2018. I felt strongly that with a few changes, the space would be better suited for its current program.


Why Involving a Lighting Professional is a Must for Your Next Design Project

lighting design layout plans

In residential projects, paint, lighting, and window treatments are usually considered last. However, these three elements can have a dramatic effect on the functionality and feeling of a space.









Light Sources

light bulbs

How often do you think of the varied light sources in your home? The (almost) extinct A-Lamp incandescent has been replaced by innumerable options in the recent past, some of which are still emerging in the residential market.