Let's Be Open About Solar Shades


solar shades with differing openness

An important consideration when selecting manual or motorized solar shades for your home is the openness of a shade’s fabric. The optimal shade openness for your space will depend on what you’re looking for, whether it’s privacy, maintaining a view to the outside, or both.


Same Space, New Light:
Our Experience Center Renovation

man painting wall green on ladder

The reworking of our space began during my job interview in February 2018. I felt strongly that with a few changes, the space would be better suited for its current program.


Why Involving a Lighting Professional is a Must for Your Next Design Project

lighting design layout plans

In residential projects, paint, lighting, and window treatments are usually considered last. However, these three elements can have a dramatic effect on the functionality and feeling of a space.









Light Sources

light bulbs

How often do you think of the varied light sources in your home? The (almost) extinct A-Lamp incandescent has been replaced by innumerable options in the recent past, some of which are still emerging in the residential market.