Going Green: A Look at Mermet’s GreenScreen Shade Fabrics

With environmental concerns increasingly prevalent in today’s discussions regarding design, architecture, and construction, it’s no wonder that window treatment manufacturers are offering eco-friendly fabrics and aiming to reduce waste (and their overall environmental impact). Today, we take a look at Mermet’s GreenScreen fabrics and their significance.

Mermet GreenScreen

Mermet’s GreenScreen shade fabrics, designed collaboratively with respected sustainability leaders, manufacturers, and architectural firms focused on green building, were created based on ensuring minimal environmental impact throughout their production and life cycle. All GreenScreen fabrics contain no PVC and are supported by Mermet’s GreenScreen Recovery Program, which allows customers to recycle used and excess fabrics. GreenScreen fabrics come in a variety of colors and provide performance, beauty, and sustainability.

GreenScreen Revive is the flagship product of Mermet’s recyclable fabric offerings. Revive is composed of warp knitted fabrics made of PVC-free polyester and contain up to 89% of Repreve fibers, which are derived from post-industrial plastic waste and post-consumer repurposed water bottles. Each yard of GreenScreen Revive fabric uses up to 11 post-consumer water bottles. GreenScreen Revive is also Cradle-to-Cradle Certified at the Bronze level.

GreenScreen Evolve is a 100% non-PVC warp knit polyester shade fabric containing 78% Repreve fibers, which are made entirely from recycled post-industrial fiber and consumer plastic waste. GreenScreen Evolve’s distinguishable diamond knit pattern and modern color palette provide style and sophistication, while each yard of the Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Bronze fabric contains up to 14 recycled water bottles per yard.


greenscreen shade fabrics in residential space

Experience GreenScreen Firsthand

Are you an architect, designer, or homeowner looking to see firsthand what Mermet’s GreenScreen shade fabrics look and feel like? Have a project you’re thinking they could fit into? Interested in learning about more environmentally friendly options? Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your vision and design goals!