Going Green: Halcyon Shades & Energy Savings

With energy efficiency and environmental concerns becoming top of mind for many companies and consumers, businesses are aiming to provide eco-friendly goods and services that cause minimal or no harm to ecosystems and the environment. Such is the case with window treatments, as environmentally conscious window treatments become a focus for manufacturers, dealers, installers, and homeowners. Today, we’ll take a look at the energy efficiency and impact of Halcyon Shades.

Energy Saving Window Treatments

Halcyon Shades are designed to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage while also eliminating 99 percent of UV rays, reducing 97 percent of glare, and reflecting 80 percent of solar heat gain. They have been third-party tested and verified to contain no PVC, PFC’s or VOC’s, no formaldehyde or antimicrobials, and no flame retardants, while also meeting NFPA 701 standards, reducing energy spend and carbon emissions.

An independent study by the U.S. Department of Energy found that Halcyon Shades can save an average of 10–25 percent in energy costs. The shades themselves actually utilize technology developed by NASA to protect astronauts in space. An additional benefit of these shades is that they provide a return on investment in energy savings in as little as two years.


halcyon shade at boston showroom

Halcyon Shades & Residential Design

By incorporating Halcyon Shades into a residential space, energy efficiency is maximized, and environmental impact is reduced, while the home is transformed both functionally and aesthetically. To see various Halcyon Shades in person, or to discuss a complete shading and lighting solution for your space, schedule an appointment with us today.