Same Space, New Light: Our Experience Center Renovation

The reworking of our space began during my job interview in February 2018. I felt strongly that with a few changes, the space would be better suited for its current program. Beyond functionality, I hoped to create a softer, more residentially appropriate aesthetic, as the initial design was focused heavily on the Learning Center, which is set up for seminars, lectures, and meetings for 15-35 attendees.



From the beginning, my focus has been on ease of use and simplicity. Our space is set up so that the end user can actively engage with major and emerging control systems, something not seen anywhere else locally in this kind of setting. I wanted the space to drive dialogue by featuring a curated selection of products, as our work is driven by unique solutions, not by pre-determined products. In addition to lighting and controls, I wanted to draw more attention to other construction specialties products offered by Ver-Tex Construction.



The lighting fixtures selected for our Experience Center are meant to elicit a response, positive or otherwise, in order to aid in the design process. Our displays provide numerous solutions for a variety of installation conditions, ranging from recessed lighting to track systems, decorative pendants, and even portables.


man painting wall green on ladder


As well as basic functionality, I wanted to have a space in which I could discuss different sources, types, and effects of light. Each decorative fixture installed in the space shows a different source, effect, and style of decorative fixture.


entrance sign in showroom lobby


Although our focus is on residential clientele, we do still offer the use of our Learning Center at no charge to design firms, local offices, and vendors looking to utilize a meeting space in the heart of Boston’s Innovation Center.

I view the space as ready, not complete. As technology changes, so will the Shade Light Solutions Experience Center.


boston showroom